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Business improvement and advice is my specialty, but reading a blog can only take you so far. Check out the below to get a running start on improving your business.

Find your Momentum!

Being a successful business owner always sounds easier than the reality. Not only do you need to know the ins-and-outs of your market, but you need to know how to run a company on top of that! For this reason, myself and four other local business advisers and business improvement specialists set up Momentum for Business, an online coaching program that will help take your business from good to great. Between the five of us we have over 26,000 hours of business coaching experience, so we know what we’re talking about!

We’re offering a free trial of the program via the below link, so sign up, give it a look, and let me know what you think.

Future of Choice

Working too hard? Not able to pay yourself enough? Not achieving what you want in business? I was hearing concerns such as these all the time when meeting with clients, but came to realise that the traditional business advisory framework isn't constructed to address them, but rather keep the balance sheet healthy. For this reason, myself and two of my fellow business advisory directors created the Future of Choice platform; a new approach to client service.

Future of Choice is centred around the client's needs and their family, because at the end of the day the business exists to serve you and your family, not the other way around.

Future of Choice has become the centre of everything we do at PKF, but we think everyone should be doing it. If you think Future of Choice sounds like an approach that will add value to you client offerings, click the link to learn more and get in touch. 

The Coaching Club

When people compete in sport, whether joining a team or individually, to be the best they can be they have a coach.

When people are employed in a role or are progressing through their career they usually have a supervisor or mentor. So why is it when these same people go into business, probably one of the hardest and most challenging things anyone will ever do, they believe they don’t need help?

Building a successful business requires knowledge, skills and guidance from a host of people both inside and outside an organisation. Amplify Business Coaching groups could be the answer!

Get together with like-minded business owners and managers to discuss issues and strategies, facilitated by an experienced business growth adviser.

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Booksmart Accounting

Most business owners reap benefits of working on their business and not in it. This means leaving those mundane tasks like bookwork to the experts and allowing the business owners the time and energy to focus on the parts of the business they love and can ultimately increase their margins. Booksmart is invested in seeing your business grow to its potential.

Booksmart give you the time back in your day to assess your business and make informed, proactive business decisions. Booksmart offer you peace of mind knowing your bookwork and ATO requirements are met. 

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