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Business isn’t just business with George Tuntevski

This week I sat down with George Tuntevski, Managing Director at Sharp Office. We discuss his experience as a business owner and his approach to growing a successful team and workplace. Key takeaways for business owners: Involve your team with change – Get your team...

The everchanging factors of business and life with Mark Fitzgibbon

This week I sat down with Mark Fitzgibbon, CEO & Managing Director of nib Health Insurance. We discuss business as a whole and the importance of creating opportunity at all stages, along with how investing in yourself, is just as important as investing in your...

Keep your core strong – How building solid foundations, will set you up for success with Adam O’Brien

This week I sat down with Newcastle Knights Head Coach, Adam O’Brien. We discuss teamwork and how, for your team to thrive, cohesive growth and development is crucial. The base of this is the need to have solid foundations and core values to ensure sustainable...

3 Keys to your success in 2021

What does success look like? How would you define it? After the different year we have had and as we think about the new year ahead I believe success means happiness and achieving what you are after. After years of mentoring and coaching people, and being mentored and...

Is Your Business Sale Ready?

In 20 years of advising business owners I believe there to be 4 overarching things that business owners want from their business. Higher revenue and profit (or higher yield);A better lifestyle;To enjoy what they do; andA saleable asset. Arguably it could be said that...

How to grow a successful brand with Leah Jay

I sat down with Leah Jay, Founder & Director of Leah Jay Property Management. We chat about how Leah navigates life as a woman in business and how she grew a successful brand. We touch on the importance of education, purpose and adaptability in the Property...

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The 4-step framework to amplify your business post COVID-19

The past couple of months have been crazy. There have been so many unknowns for almost everybody, it has been tough, and this is without doubt the case for business owners. Many have done well to survive but now with restrictions being eased it is time to prepare for...

Down to Business – Ep 14 – Change

Welcome to this weeks episode of Down to Business. Our lives have changed significantly recently with COVID-19. Change that has happened very quickly, affected all of our businesses and the hardest thing is we haven't necessarily done anything wrong to cause these...

Down to Business – Ep 13 – Trusted Advisers

This week the roles were reversed and guest host Peter Chapman asked questions about how clients can find the right business adviser (or advisers) and collaborate with them to help reach particular business goals. Be sure to watch as we discuss business advisory and...

Down to Business – Ep 12 – Financial Advisory

Welcome to our twelfth episode of Down to Business. In this episode, I chat with Craig Sawyer from PKF Wealth about working together with business owners to reach their personal and business objectives through careful planning. Most business owners spend a lot of time...

Down to Business – Ep 11 – Bookkeeping and Accounts

For the 11th episode of Down to Business, I caught up with Katie McCool and Alex Nicolaidis from Booksmart Accounting Solutions. Be sure to watch as we delve into smarter ways to keep on top of your accounts to help prevent stress when running your own business. Key...

Andrew Beattie has had an extensive background in accounting, business advisory and the banking sector. This blog is a collection of his thoughts, opinions and advice.

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About Andrew Beattie

Andrew Beattie has had an extensive background in accounting, business advisory and the banking sector. This blog is a collection of his thoughts, opinions and advice.

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