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Succession planning – How business owners can manage a fair and friendly exit with Mark Scanlon

This week I sat down with Mark Scanlon from the Next Transition Group. We talk about what happens when a business owner comes to the end of their working life. From inter-generational transfers to selling your business, a focus on succession is becoming even more...

The importance of embracing change and feedback for an organisation with Erica Thomas

Something a little bit different for this episode as I sit down with Erica Thomas of Newcastle Grammar School to discuss how a school engages from a business perspective and the valuable lessons that business owners can take on board. Key takeaways for business...

Why your team’s wellbeing is integral to your business’ performance with Dean Noonan

This week I sat down with Dean Noonan, Performance and Wellbeing Director of Check5. Dean was in the NSW Police force for many years and is well-known for his role as a Wellbeing Manager with the Newcastle Knights, and as a Career Coach. In this episode, we discuss...

How many of us have true balance in our lives? – with Paul Harragon

Having played a huge part in my training for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and fundraising for the Mark Hughes Foundation,  I sat down with one of Newcastle’s favourites, Paul Harragon to hear his story. How many of us have true balance in our lives? Paul has a timely...

How to grow a successful brand with Leah Jay

I sat down with Leah Jay, Founder & Director of Leah Jay Property Management. We chat about how Leah navigates life as a woman in business and how she grew a successful brand. We touch on the importance of education, purpose and adaptability in the Property...

The 4-step framework to amplify your business post COVID-19

The past couple of months have been crazy. There have been so many unknowns for almost everybody, it has been tough, and this is without doubt the case for business owners. Many have done well to survive but now with restrictions being eased it is time to prepare for...

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Down to Business – Ep 10 – M&A Law

Welcome to another edition of Down to Business. In this episode, I sit down with Andrew Windybank, Corporate Lawyer and Company Director for SWS Lawyers. Tune in as we discuss all things mergers and acquisitions (M&A), succession planning and divestments. Key...

Down to Business – Ep 9 – Charities in Business

This week in Down to Business I sat down with Mark Hughes from the Mark Hughes Foundation (MHF). Be sure to watch as we delve into what it means to develop an honest, meaningful charity, and the benefits of supporting one in your business. There are many synergies and...

Down to Business – Ep 8 – HR

In Episode 8 of Down to Business, I sit down with Diane Loong, Co-Founder and Director of Skildare Human Resources. Flowing on from Episode 7 – Recruitment, join me as we delve into the world of HR discussing everything from people within your organisation and...

Are the banks still lending?

A lot of discussion has occurred recently as to whether banks are still lending to businesses or not. There has been a lot of change and tightening of assessment criteria primarily on the back of the Royal Commission and whilst it has felt like the banks have closed...

Down to Business – Ep 7 – Recruitment

In the seventh instalment of Down to Business, we enter the world of recruiting with experts Ali Kimmorley and Sally Bartley from Peoplefusion. To bring it all together, my key takeaways include: At the end of the day, without the people, you don’t have a business....

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