About Andrew Beattie

Business Adviser and Future of Choice Founder

I help people achieve their goals in life.

How do I do this? Sometimes I’m an accountant, sometimes I’m the leader of one of the best teams in Newcastle, sometimes I’m a company director or business coach, and every night when I go home I’m a dad and husband.

My passion is around business improvement and goal setting.  Too many people start up businesses with grand dreams, but after years of slogging away lose sight of makes them tick and why they got started in the first place.

I specialise in helping people rediscover what they want out of life, and set tangible goals to help them get there. And if they’re not sticking to their game plan, I specialise in keeping them accountable and getting them back on track.

My mantra is “No excuses”. In all my years working in banking, finance and the accounting industry I’ve never heard a good excuse, so I use this experience to help business owners take control of their own lives and get started towards their Future of Choice.

Not only do I update my blog regularly with my thoughts on business and achieving goals, but I am heavily involved in promoting great initiatives aimed at improving your business. Have a look around the site, subscribe to the blog, and if you want to get in touch feel free to drop me a line using this form.

If you think you deserve more out of life, you’ve come to the right place!


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