This week I sat down with ABC broadcaster, multi-sport commentator and motivational speaker, Craig Hamilton. We discuss his career and how he has developed himself, even through the impacts of mental illness.

Key takeaways for business owners:

  • Those that are happiest, might be in the most trouble – It is important to check in with people consistently. If you notice things that are out of character, let them know that your door is always open.
  • It may affect more than just one person – Make it known to your entire team that you are there to support them and have a chat, it is more valuable than you might think.
  • Give people permission – Share your own personal stories. This will help you gain trust and enables others to feel more comfortable about opening up about their experiences.
  • There’s always a road back – Although it may be a long journey, you are a work in progress and each choice that you make influences your future.
  • Perfectionism is a one-way ticket to disappointment – Live your days by doing your absolute best and acknowledge that without second thought.