This week I sat down with Kari Armitage, Managing Director of Quarry Mining. We discuss how she succeeded her parents in the business and grew the company to where it is today.

Key takeaways for business owners:

  • Understand your customer – It’s not always about price. You also need to understand what is important to your clients and gain feedback from them first-hand.
  • Have a mentor outside of the business – Even if it is someone who you just need for a quick 2-minute phone call, make sure that you have a mentor to go to that can provide a different perspective.
  • Hard days bring great rewards – Through the uncertainties, unknowns and tough days, remember that these times help you grow to become a better person.
  • Don’t lose yourself – We tend to let stereotypes hold us back. Above all, make it your goal to defy these notions and prove yourself in the business and to your peers.
  • Slow down – As a business owner or individual, you are the biggest motivator of yourself and your business. It is equally important to remember that not everyone is moving at the same pace as you. Take a step back, so that you can bring them on your journey, not just on your terms.