This week I sat down with Courtney Knight, CFO of Core Project Group. We discuss the more genuine and authentic sides to a business and how business owners can lay the groundwork for safe and efficient business practices.

Key takeaways for business owners:

  • Be selective with your projects – You can’t always take on every opportunity that comes your way. Be selective about projects you take on, based on the value that they will bring to your business.
  • Make your culture known – You need to project and grow the environment and culture within your business in order to attract the right team.
  • Provide opportunity – Create a point of difference in your offering by giving your team autonomy to make decisions. This will provide confidence to clients about your capabilities as a team.
  • Have good quality systems – A high quality of work can be gained through keeping your systems and processes simple, thorough and efficient.
  • Planning is key – It is important to have a broad scope of the business’s strategy. This can be achieved by maintaining both a short KPI focus, whilst keeping your long-term goals in sight.