This week I sat down with Daniel Velich, Tax Principal and Hanna Barry, Business Advisory Manager at PKF Sydney & Newcastle. We discussed their careers within the accounting world so far, and the decisions that they have made to have grown their career to where it is today. We also find out about their journey at PKF and what is important to them when being a part of a team.

Key takeaways for business owners:

  • It’s not all about the money – Yes, being on a good salary is something that we all look for, but it’s also important to find value in the intangible aspects of a workplace.
  • Communicate your opportunities – If you’re looking at adding to your team, make it known to those around you (inside and outside of your business). You never know who might be ready to make a move!
  • Get a mentor – Leverage the resources and experienced individuals in your network to learn and gain advise from all perspectives.
  • Make your values clear – Perceptions of your business need to remain positive in order to attract a good team. Positive employee advocation has to begin with what the business is doing itself.
  • Flexibility is the new norm – Flexible work practices and employee benefits are an important part of what an organisation can offer to new and existing members and aids in the retention of your workforce.
  • Training isn’t all about theory – Ensuring your team have practical experience and can apply this to real life situations is crucial in ensuring you can meet client expectations.
  • Risk is imminent – Letting your team take risks and providing that safety net as an employer, gives them a chance to feel comfortable about becoming involved with clients and the business as a whole.