This week I sat down with Mark Fitzgibbon, CEO & Managing Director of nib Health Insurance. We discuss business as a whole and the importance of creating opportunity at all stages, along with how investing in yourself, is just as important as investing in your business.

Key takeaways for business owners:

  • Encourage innovation – Motivating your team to think differently allows perspective in letting new ideas evolve.
  • Adapt to the world around you – Society values and this environment is constantly changing, so ensuring you are adapting and implementing this is key to strengthening your goals.
  • Keep yourself fit – Not just physically but keeping a balance within all aspects of your life is crucial.
  • Provide different opportunities – In a post COVID-19 world the definition of a workspace has become more flexible, being able to accommodate to your employee’s individual needs is important when considering a ‘work from home’ strategy.
  • Experiment and invest – Utilise your teams’ skills to test ideas in markets related to your core business, leverage this to build and continuously grow the business in different ways.