This week I sat down with Newcastle Knights Head Coach, Adam O’Brien. We discuss teamwork and how, for your team to thrive, cohesive growth and development is crucial. The base of this is the need to have solid foundations and core values to ensure sustainable practices for your team and stability to branch out personally and professionally.

Key takeaways for business owners:

  • Consistency and structure – Functionality for a team is formed through ensuring consistency and structure as a group through all tasks.
  • Make sure your core values are concrete – Ensuring you have solid core values enables stable ground for you to branch out and try new things.
  • Teamwork is key – Encouraging your team and realising that you are all connected to something bigger than yourself puts you in the best position for success.
  • Make your team accountable – Empower your team to take responsibility, track progression throughout the business and acknowledge success.
  • Reflect and review – Constantly reviewing your performance as an individual and team is crucial for growth.