This week I sat down with Dean Noonan, Performance and Wellbeing Director of Check5. Dean was in the NSW Police force for many years and is well-known for his role as a Wellbeing Manager with the Newcastle Knights, and as a Career Coach. In this episode, we discuss all things people, performance and wellbeing in the workforce and how business owners are building this into their game plan to ensure their business is at its best.

Dean’s highlights:

  • Years of experience have taught Dean that one of the biggest misconceptions to wellbeing is the automatic default link to mental health. It is so much more than that;
  • Your people may have different areas of their wellbeing that require attention, and, by showing you genuinely care as an employer, performance and wellbeing will naturally improve;
  • When your people’s performance and wellbeing is excelling, that means tangible results for the business – less sick days, higher productivity and more satisfied customers;
  • ‘Coach the coaches’ (managers etc.) – As Simon Sinek says, “Managers are largely NOT responsible for the job – they are responsible for the people, who are responsible for the job…!”;
  • Checking in on your people is not a once-off. As a leader, constant reinforcement is a must; and
  • Every single person can bring value to your business – don’t overlook anyone in your team.