This week I sat down with Roman Brady, Founder and CEO of Air Locker. We chat about the importance of personal growth in order to ensure professional growth.

Key takeaways for you include:

  • You’re more than yourself – it’s about your team. There’s no secret to what makes you successful and empowering others, because you can’t do it by yourself;
  • Ask questions – you’re never wrong when you ask a question;
  • Listen – we have two ears, one mouth. It’s time to listen more rather than tell, tell, tell;
  • Get a mentor – a recurring point in each episode. For a lot of people, they have a fear of asking someone to be their mentor – “but what if they won’t help me?” most people will; and
  • Remember, not everyone loves what you love – think about what your product is, do you need to study the market, do you understand what you’re offering because it all relates to success. If you can combine some of these things and reflect, change and be a life-long learner, your business will go a long way.