I sat down with Richard Jones, CEO of Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service (WRHS). We talked about the amount of hard work that goes into operating a successful not-for-profit and the importance of maintaining good relationships with customers.

Richard’s top tips for you:

  • Trust your team and have purpose – this one comes up time and time again. Have a great HR team that can point your business in the right direction with the right team. If you trust your people, you remunerate properly and thank them when due, your people will give back to you tenfold so let them do their job.
  • Take on feedback – internally and externally, positive, negative – don’t think that you know it all. Listen to people and have free communication.
  • Delegate – you don’t have to do everything. A true leader empowers their people and wants to make them smarter and allow them to progress.
  • Have a purpose – make sure your team are on board with the vision and let them help create the vision.
  • Have some fun – this pandemic has been tough for all and uncertainty has still been sitting around the corner. Incorporate some fun into your team, this helps morale and really drives home that we’re all in this together.

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