In Episode 8 of Down to Business, I sit down with Diane Loong, Co-Founder and Director of Skildare Human Resources. Flowing on from Episode 7 – Recruitment, join me as we delve into the world of HR discussing everything from people within your organisation and managing legal compliance, to best practices and performance reviews.

This week’s key takeaways are:

  • HR is a such a big part in any business (no matter the size) so you need to invest in your people by having HR solutions (whether internally or externally sourced);
  • You have a responsibility to ensure you are regularly reviewing and updating policies and procedures, awards, contracts etc. (this also helps to mitigate risk and protect the business);
  • HR doesn’t need to be a negative. It is a huge positive which, as a business owner you can use to your advantage by investing in your people e.g. flexible working times, mentoring sessions etc.;
  • The way we communicate has changed. In previous years, giving feedback on performance has been clunky and too structured. With the younger generation coming into the workplace, they now want instantaneous feedback and that’s okay – as a business owner you need to keep up with the generational changes; and
  • You don’t have a business without your people…the more you get it right with your people, the stronger your business will get.