Property is the word on everyone’s lips of late and with a decrease in the market of 7.5 per cent* there’s a good reason for this.

In this episode I sit down with Tom Haigh, Director of Groundswell Property Consultants, to chat about property and how the decision to invest, divest or relocate can affect your business.

My key takeaways:

  • From a general property point of view – it’s not necessarily the wrong or right answer whether you as a business owner holds or operates property, it is what’s right for you;
  • If you’re a business owner looking to make an acquisition or development of an existing property, following due process is critical;
  • There’s been a trend around property/business owners who have owned property for a number of decades and are now benefitting from gentrification (Wickham is a great example of this);
  • There’s great opportunity in the ageing baby boomer demographic as a huge increase in services around this will be required (e.g. think retirees looking to remain connected in the community in existing urban areas); and
  • As always, give yourself time to plan and ensure you’re getting the right advice.

Check out the video and find out whether you can have your avo on toast and eat it too!