coach-business-success-empowerment-coachingMany of us have had a good break and are now back to work. Refreshed and ready for the challenges that lie ahead. But is this déjà vu all over again? With a new year upon you and your business, your resolutions still fresh in your mind, what will be different to all the years before now to ensure you hit the goals you have set?

I have 5 simple questions for you to ask yourself to help you make 2018 your best year in business yet.

  1. What do you want for your business; what are the goals you want to achieve? Get specific. Could be a profit target, a dividend goal, team head count at a certain level, break into a new market, etc. Don’t limit it to one.
  2. Why do you want to achieve these goals? Are they goals for you or are they really for someone else? Why are they important to you? If achieved what does it allow you to do? If you can’t answer this then is it not likely a real goal of yours. If something doesn’t mean enough to you then you will not sacrifice or push through when challenged.
  3. Do any of the goals contradict each other? For example if you said you want to increase revenue by 50% and you also said you want to spend 10 hours extra per week with your family, are both of these achievable? Maybe or maybe not. Rank your most important goal. All others should support or align to it.
  4. What has stopped you from achieving these goals previously? Is it resources? Is it cash flow? Is it know how? (or the worst one) Is it fear? Whatever it has been, it is important that you recognise this and work through potential solutions to ensure these are not obstacles in the future.
  5. What kind of support do you need to achieve these? Do you have the right professional advice? Is the person or people giving you the advice actually qualified or experienced in what they are advising on? Do you have a mentor? Do you have the right friend or business network? If you are hanging around people who tell you that you cannot achieve something then drop those people. Make sure you are clear as to what kind of support you would like.

For you to have a breakout year and not another year of going through the motions or ‘I’m gunna…’ you need to make change and do things differently. Start with asking yourself these questions; for you and what you want. Your answers will provide a good platform for you to build your plan to ensure the steps are in place for your best year yet.