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I am finding that now more than ever, the concept of goals seems to be everywhere we look. Advisers and coaches preaching and marketing their abilities to help you achieve your goals.

In reality goals based advice has been around for a long time, this is nothing new, but I find there are not too many people who are good at the implementation or achievement. Why is that? I think so many get lost in the concept that they lose sight of needing a process. A simple approach that is easy to understand.

The other issue I see all too often is with people only associating goals with big-ticket items like ‘I am going to climb Mount Everest’. In reality a goal is just something you want to achieve; doesn’t matter how small or big. In fact better to start with the smaller stuff to build momentum toward the bigger goals. Don’t worry about what your goals are; just start and stop making excuses.

I work with a lot of individuals and business owners on goals centric advice and I have a simple and proven process that can hopefully help you to.

Step 1: Establish your goalssmart+goals

Sounds simple but most people have not even actually stopped to think about what they want to achieve. You actually need to articulate and clarify your goals. What is stopping you at present? What will you do differently? Make sure they are your goals; things you are passionate about. Not someone elses goals or society/generic goals. Unless they are important to you and have enough meaning they won’t be sacrificed for or committed to. Also don’t make your goals too broad; you need SMART goals – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. These are easier to determine how to achieve, easier to measure and better for accountability.

Step 2: Write them down

It is great to have goals but whilst ever they are just in your head, it is too easy to cheat yourself and the goals are somewhat malleable. Writing them down formalises your goals and the detail of each of them. Sure you can still negotiate with yourself but you know whether you were true to your goals or not. And once you have written them down, keep it visual. Don’t hide them in a book somewhere. One of my favourites is to summarise your goals on a page, laminate it and stick it on your bathroom mirror so it is hard to avoid; it is in your face every day.

Step 3: Share them with someone

The final, and I believe the most important, step is to share your goals with someone or several people. It is very easy to negotiate with yourself or tell yourself why it is too hard. Having someone you trust, who doesn’t judge you, that is independent, and someone who doesn’t believe your bullshit can help you on your goal journey to achieve your goals sooner or push you to break through the barriers. To find a way. They can offer a different opinion for you to consider because they are not emotionally tied to the goals themselves. It is also good to share some detail associated with your goals with others who can support the outcome. For example if a key goal of yours is to pick the kids up from school each day and you have someone who controls your work diary, then it is pretty important that you share this information so they can help.

Our goal setting process is a key part of the Future of Choice (www.futureofchoice.com) and has helped many individuals and business owners achieve what they are after and have been more many years. Check it out and if your accountant or financial advisor is not helping you achieve your Future of Choice let me know or alternatively have them make contact for the adviser tools.