I was at a friend’s BBQ the other day and I got talking to one of the other guests. He owned an engineering business. We got talking about business generally but ended up talking about accountants and advice as usual. Happens all the time. This guy wasn’t happy with where his business, his income and net worth were at yet then he went onto tell me how he doesn’t pay for advice; he only pays for his financials and tax return to be done and he picked his accountant based on price because ‘youse are all the same’. 
To be honest I ended up changing the subject as I was getting the shits. I mean here is someone complaining about one of their biggest investments, the thing that takes up most of their time, the thing causing them stress and then they seek the minimum level of support from whoever is the cheapest bidder!!! What an idiot.

If you want to be the best, to get the best result, to maximise your potential or go beyond, you have to think and act like the best. That requires investment in you and your business. 

Can you imagine a professional rugby player, or any professional sports person for that matter, trying to get to the top of their sport but trying to train the least, take advice from the cheapest and inexperienced coaches, doctors, trainers etc. do you think they would achieve their goal? No way they would. Now think about your life and your business. Is it working for you? Have you got the time and money you envisaged when going into business? Have you invested in you? 

It is not in any of our best interest to know everything about everything. Focus on your strengths and the best and most valuable use of your time. Engage experts in the other areas to help you realise your goals. It is not rocket science by any means but the majority of business owners get it wrong either by not investing in themselves or their business or not looking into who they are investing with. 

What are you doing? Or what aren’t you doing? Life is short…don’t be the guy at the BBQ.