I love helping business owners, and their businesses, to be better; all that they can be. To absolutely smash those goals that they set out to achieve, when they commence in business all starry eyed and hopeful, and more. That is something that drives me to do what I do; my passion.

The late great Steve Jobs said that ‘Nothing great happens until someone becomes passionate about something’. This resonates with me and my desire to help as many business owners as I can. Far too many start up businesses don’t make it past their first 2 years; about 70% in fact. Think about it, for every 100 new business owners that follow their dreams and put it all on the line only about 30 of them last more than 2 years! And for the small number of those that last longer than 2 years, there is only a small portion that truly maximise their potential. Why???

I believe it is due to the lack of planning, lack of knowledge on how to run a business as opposed to simply being very good at what they do and lack of advice, support and accountability that comes from a good coach. Think about successful sporting teams. They plan everything, do more work off the field than on it and have an experienced and proven coach to support and challenge them.

I do this for many businesses, as do many other quality advisers and coaches, but not every business owner can afford the full one on one coaching fees or it is too big a leap for them straight up. Even if they could there is still the issue of time being a limited resource and I, or any individual, can only see so many businesses and business owners in any given day, week or month.

Remember I said my passion is to help as many businesses as possible to be great. Rather than one on one, we need a platform that can support one to many. I have searched and searched and I have not found such a platform. A platform that delivers practical, simple business coaching and skills development to business owners and their teams in a way that they can participate when they have time and are provided guidance as to the programs they should undertake. Sure there are a lot of courses or programs out there that supposedly support businesses but in my experience they are confusing or are too full on to really get out of them what a business owner needs.

Well I thought enough was enough. If I could not find an adequate option then I would just create one. So with a few friends, some experts in their fields, we have created a platform specifically to support business owners to make their businesses great!

Momentum For Business is now live with the free course waiting for you to try it. I am very excited that we now have a tangible way to help many businesses and people sooner. Go to http://www.momentumforbusiness.com and check it out. Tell any business owner you know, big or small, as the more we can reach the more momentum we can create!