I started this blog for one real reason and that is because I am passionate about helping business owners. Not just with theory, as too many advisers/accountants provide, but with real, practical advice, solutions and strategies to challenge you, improve your thought process and your business.

I see great things business people are doing everyday and also what we do in our own business and if we can get these ideas, processes and strategies into the wider community I am sure we would have a lot more success stories. The fact is circa 70% of small businesses fail within their first 2 years and we need to change that. When business owners start out they have all the passion in the world and believe their idea will be different. That passion is what we need to foster and with the right resources we will.

I could write (or even worse, talk!) for ages on business topics, strategies to improve your business (not just accounting but real stuff!), balance, cash flow and much, much more. And if it is not my area to comment on, we have an extensive network of contacts that specialise in various areas of business from banking to human resources to data mining. Between us we can start to build a pretty good database of business tips and strategies.

All this will be great but only if it adds value to your business. Everyday we get hit with plenty of content but is it value…rarely. So to make this a valuable exercise for you and your business I am asking for you help. By either emailing me at abeattie@pkf.com.au or commenting to this post, send me the things you struggle with or need help in your business. What could be improved? What don’t you understand? What annoys you? What keeps you up at night? There is no right or wrong answer. Whatever it is we have or can get the answer and build some great content for all to use.

We all know other business people. Please share this to your network so we can really make an impact for businesses at no cost. I will commit to writing and sharing strategies and solutions, or leaning on other specialist contacts to provide, to address the issues collated and to help you in business but first I need your commitment to build the list.

I know you are passionate about your business and I am passionate about helping others in business to create value for themselves…but I need your help. So what do you want to hear about???