This afternoon I again watched our beloved Newcastle Knights play a great brand of rugby league for the majority of the game only to come up short on the scoreboard. It is disappointing for the players who train hard and try their guts out. It is disappointing for the coaching staff and management who formulate plans every week to deliver a positive result. But above all it is disappointing for the loyal fans who are there week in and week out supporting this great club.

Although the results of late have not been going our way it is not through lack of trying. This is a great club steeped in history and requires this great town’s support to build a successful future.

What has been evident at recent games is the number of empty seats. Something that has not historically been synonymous with a Newcastle Knights game. When this club has been at the top of its game, the stands have been full of passionate Novocastrians cheering our team on. We need to get back to that.

Many places have sporting teams located within their region but not too many places have teams that embody the community and the town itself…Newcastle does.

It takes a lot of money and support to operate a successful team, more than the sponsors money and the grants from the governing body. The best sporting clubs in this country have one common trait…they have a great membership base of passionate supporters that don’t just speak about being a supporter, they act on it. And they continue to act on it, not just when times are good or when it suits.

It is time to get the town once again behind this great club and show their support through membership. If you are an individual, become a member. If you are a family, become members. If you are an employer, help your staff to become members. Whatever your situation, it all adds up. A strong team creates opportunities and leads to a strong town.

So don’t just read this, act on it and become a member at and pass the word on to your network. Let’s fill the seats!