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I always hear too many business owners tell me how hard they work, that they don’t take holidays, they don’t get paid a proper wage, but worst of all that they are not achieving what they set out to achieve when they went into business.


I believe that if you are not achieving your goals, you need to ask yourself why you are in business or question how you operate.


This site is designed to get you asking the right questions, to identify both your financial and non-financial goals, and create a roadmap that will get you there.


If you think you deserve more out of life, you’ve come to the right place!

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Navigating business and your unique position with Brian McGuigan and Colin Peterson

This week I sat down with wine-growing experts and Australian business veterans Brian McGuigan and Colin Peterson. We discuss their careers and how they got started in wine and business and what they've learnt from navigating growth and understanding their business...

Spreading the message about mental health with Craig Hamilton

This week I sat down with ABC broadcaster, multi-sport commentator and motivational speaker, Craig Hamilton. We discuss his career and how he has developed himself, even through the impacts of mental illness. Key takeaways for business owners: Those that are happiest,...

The journey to becoming a para-triathlete with Lauren Parker

This week I sat down with local para-triathlete, Lauren Parker. We discuss her journey since her accident and how her courage has brought her to where she is today, inspiring others to strive for their goals, no matter what stands in their way.   Key takeaways...

SME Recovery Loan Scheme

The government has announced that they have broadened the eligibility criteria for businesses to access the SME Recovery Loan Scheme. Businesses with a turnover of up to $250m could be eligible. Participating lenders are offering loans 80% guaranteed by the...

‘Drilling’ into the tough side of business with Kari Armitage

This week I sat down with Kari Armitage, Managing Director of Quarry Mining. We discuss how she succeeded her parents in the business and grew the company to where it is today. Key takeaways for business owners: Understand your customer – It’s not always about price....

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Need a speaker for your next function? As a partner at one of the country’s leading accounting firms, as well as a passionate member of my local community, I am often engaged to speak on variety of topics surrounding finance, as well as balancing work and lifestyle. I’m known for cutting straight to the chase and giving my audience exactly what they need to hear to go back to their business and start making positive changes immediately. Click the video to the right for an example of one of my recent talks, and contact me using the form below if you would like to discuss a speaking engagement.

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Improving your business

Business improvement and advice is my specialty, but reading a blog can only take you so far. Check out the below to get a running start on improving your business, or click the button below for a more detailed overview.
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Momentum for Business

An online business coaching program developed to help small to medium businesses achieve and maintain growth.

Future of Choice

An innovative service approach that puts the family in the centre of all advice.

It includes a fully realised client service model with template documents, video guides and marketing plans.

The Coaching Club

Connect with like-minded business owners and managers to expand your business and leadership skills, while discussing concerns and issues facing your industry.

Booksmart Accounting

Booksmart offers a bookkeeping service undertaken by people who have personalities, knowledge, and hands on experience, not just qualified professionals.

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