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I always hear too many business owners tell me how hard they work, that they don’t take holidays, they don’t get paid a proper wage, but worst of all that they are not achieving what they set out to achieve when they went into business.


I believe that if you are not achieving your goals, you need to ask yourself why you are in business or question how you operate.


This site is designed to get you asking the right questions, to identify both your financial and non-financial goals, and create a roadmap that will get you there.


If you think you deserve more out of life, you’ve come to the right place!

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Down to Business – Ep 10 – M&A Law

Welcome to another edition of Down to Business. In this episode, I sit down with Andrew Windybank, Corporate Lawyer and Company Director for SWS Lawyers. Tune in as we discuss all things mergers and acquisitions (M&A), succession planning and divestments. Key...
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Down to Business – Ep 9 – Charities in Business

This week in Down to Business I sat down with Mark Hughes from the Mark Hughes Foundation (MHF). Be sure to watch as we delve into what it means to develop an honest, meaningful charity, and the benefits of supporting one in your business. There are many synergies and...
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Down to Business – Ep 8 – HR

In Episode 8 of Down to Business, I sit down with Diane Loong, Co-Founder and Director of Skildare Human Resources. Flowing on from Episode 7 – Recruitment, join me as we delve into the world of HR discussing everything from people within your organisation and...
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Are the banks still lending?

A lot of discussion has occurred recently as to whether banks are still lending to businesses or not. There has been a lot of change and tightening of assessment criteria primarily on the back of the Royal Commission and whilst it has felt like the banks have closed...
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Down to Business – Ep 7 – Recruitment

In the seventh instalment of Down to Business, we enter the world of recruiting with experts Ali Kimmorley and Sally Bartley from Peoplefusion. To bring it all together, my key takeaways include: At the end of the day, without the people, you don’t have a business....
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Get me talking

Need a speaker for your next function? As a partner at one of the country’s leading accounting firms, as well as a passionate member of my local community, I am often engaged to speak on variety of topics surrounding finance, as well as balancing work and lifestyle. I’m known for cutting straight to the chase and giving my audience exactly what they need to hear to go back to their business and start making positive changes immediately. Click the video to the right for an example of one of my recent talks, and contact me using the form below if you would like to discuss a speaking engagement.

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Improving your business

Business improvement and advice is my specialty, but reading a blog can only take you so far. Check out the below to get a running start on improving your business, or click the button below for a more detailed overview. Read more

Momentum for Business

An online business coaching program developed to help small to medium businesses achieve and maintain growth.

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Future of Choice

An innovative service approach that puts the family in the centre of all advice.

It includes a fully realised client service model with template documents, video guides and marketing plans.

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The Coaching Club

Connect with like-minded business owners and managers to expand your business and leadership skills, while discussing concerns and issues facing your industry.

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Booksmart Accounting

Booksmart offers a bookkeeping service undertaken by people who have personalities, knowledge, and hands on experience, not just qualified professionals.
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